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A scientific degree of certainty through tested, peer-reviewed theories accepted in the technological community.

A Partnership of Technology and Law

Combining our specialized knowledge with yours for optimal results

Our clients repeatedly let us know how valuable it is when we distill highly technical explanations into easily understood concepts …. for them, opposing counsel, and the trier of fact, Judge or jury.


About Our Company

We believe that creating value is crucial in a service company and that narrow laser focus in a highly specialized area is critical.  Destroying a company’s spirit in the interest of growth only leads to a failed enterprise.

Because of this value & while maintaining focus, we’re always happy to go above and beyond for your clients, reaching out to our extensive network of contacts to develop balance in coordinating other related services so you can realize dynamic results.

We want you to succeed.  We’ll help you get there every step of the way.


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Computers themselves, and software yet to be developed, will revolutionize the way we learn.

Steve Jobs