Digital Forensics Services
Types of Cases Requiring Digital Forensics
Importance of Digital Forensics   
We Follow Best Practices
We Use the Best Tools
Computer Forensics
USB Device Usage
Internet Browsing History
Recent File Access, Usage and Copying
Cellular Forensics
Cloud Forensics
Social Media Forensics
Video Forensics
Expert Witness Services
We Are Experienced
Our Experts Have Been Appointed by the Court as Neutral Experts
We Provide Excellent Expert Reports
Cyber Security Services
Cyber Security Incident Response
Cyber Security Breach Remediation
Electronic Discovery Services
Uses of Electronic Discovery
Data Volume Analysis & Defensible Reduction
Proportionality Assessment and Data Mapping
Electronic Discover Saves Money
Other Services
Trial Presentations
Computer Imaging
Digital Records Retention Policies
Digital Information Collaboration
Handling Digital Evidence
–    Detecting Spoliation
–    Preventing Spoliation

About Our Company

We Comply with The Michigan Professional Investigator License Act
We are Active in the Federal Bar Association, Eastern District of Michigan
Mark St. Peter, CCE CFE
–    CCE Accreditation
–    CFE Accreditation
Case Work Examples
Data and Email Authentication
Data authentication
Email authentication
Employee Theft of Digital Information
–    Detection and Prevention of Employee Digital Theft
Early Preservation of Digital Evidence
Vehicle Accident Analysis
Success Stories
Users of Our Services
Plaintiff’s Attorneys
Defense Attorneys
Bankruptcy Trustees
Probate Attorneys
Insurance Defense Lawyers
Personal Injury Attorneys
Construction Litigators
Professional Malpractice Lawyers
Family Law Attorneys
Intellectual Property & Patent Attorneys
Complex Business Litigators
Cannabis Lawyers
The Court

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